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Choice of words -Business communication English Language CSEET

  1. He wants to get a better ______ and earn more money. a) employ b) job c) work d) employment

Answer : B

  1. Managers set objectives, and decide .............. their organization can achieve them. a) what b) how c) which d) because

Answer : B

3. She wanted him to ___________ the lines but he lacked sufficient understanding of the situation. 

a. Read up all

b. Read between

c. Read for

d. None of the above

Answer : B

  1. Obviously, objectives occasionally .............. be modified or changed.

a) have to b) must to c) shouldn’t d) ought

Answer  A

5. We knew we should not ________  at the party, but we could not help it as the case was so interesting. 

a. talk loudly

b. talk shop

c. talk incessantly

d. none of the above

Answer : B – Talk shop means discussing matters concerning one’s work, usually at social occasion, which is not appropriate.

  1. A defect can be caused .............. negligence by one of the members of a team.

  2. by b) to c) at d) in

Answer : A

      7. Like a fish ________ 

a. Out of aquarium

b. Out of water

c. Out of sea

 d. Out of ocean.

8. The unions now represent less .............. 10% of the French work force.

a)of b) in c) than d) then 

Answer C

9. ________________ should not throw stones. 

a. People in glass houses

b. People in crystal houses

c. People in ice houses

d. None of the above

Answer : A

  1. Managers who are ambitious are ____________ -oriented managers. a)socially b) success. c) well d) non 

Answer B

11. You won’t be allowed into the club .............. you wear a suit and tie. 

a)if b) unless c) whether d) apart 

Answer B

12. Market leaders usually want to .............. their market share even further, or at least to protect their current market share. a) decrease b) dominate c) increase d) establish 

Answer : C

 13. Time and tide wait ___________. 

a. For every man

b. For no man

c. For every woman

d. For no woman

Answer : B

 14. Defenceless, they ………..themselves ……..  their attackers. 

a. abandoned, to

b. abandoned, against

c. abandoned, with

d. abandoned, in

Answer : A

15. n every profession, some words are used that are specific to the    profession and would confuse a layman. We are looking for a technical writer who can eliminate the ……….. while composing manuals and yet, keep the tone of the content professional. 

a. Slang

b. Idiom

c. Jargon

d. Cant

Answer : C

16. he officer has stayed away from _____ populism such as raising the income tax exemption limit.  a. restricted

b. classified

c. overt

d. furtive

Answer : C

17. Through past ____________experiences, we must prepare ___________for future challenges. 

a. peaceable, openly

b. kind, familiarly

c. kindly, commonly

d. bitter, ourselves

Answer : D

18. Petrol prices, which have been on the rise for last several years, have ____ the backbone of automobile industry. 

a. joined

b. burst

c. broken

d. altered

Answer : C

19. Political scions who _________ as young members of the house ________ a decade ago are now ministers with key development portfolios. 

a. began, around

b. took, hardly

c. opened, merely

d. debuted, nearly

Answer : D

20. They understand that some ___ treatment is necessary in the beginning to______ ingenious aspirants. 

a. essential, push

b. imperative, obviate

c. difference, prevent

d. differential, deter

Answer : D

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