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Commerce as a career option

One of the area where a student is confused is what to do after 10th or 12th? Is it Commerce or Science ?

One of the criteria on which usually students and parents take decision is

  • How much marks you scored?

  • What grade you have received?

  • What the parents feel good the student need to do?

  • What the brother/sister did?

  • What friends are doing?

  • What the numerous YouTube channels, Webpages or like propagates?

Do this is the way you look on to higher education, I am sorry to say that, you are wrong. This is not the way you should select a course for your future. You need to have aptitude for the course or stream. If you are still not able to round up on something which you want pursue, then you also can talk to experienced career counsellors like me ( more than three decades behind me), to receive help.

Now let us talk about Commerce which is one the premium and evergreen career option for a student who have aptitude for commerce or management.

Commerce is one the mostly selected streams of education by students who have completed their 10th or 12th. This is like another stream which can offer the student wide career options which can give them a status or financial security and become successful.

But every student must keep in mind that this is not everybody’s course. It is as good as your science and maths, the student needs to have a clear aptitude and direction towards towards commerce and corporate management. Some the students have aptitude to science or humanities they will find it difficult to perform well in commerce.

Commerce is one of the area where the students can have diverse areas for their higher studies. Aptitude towards accountancy, big numbers, economics and finance can help you to great career on commerce or management. In the era of globalisation and liberalisation , significance of commerce has increased and it has become the most favourable career choice.

Career Options for Commerce Students

Commerce is business, it helps in create stakeholders wealth, support industry, economy of the country. Some of the career options in learning commerce is Chartered Accountancy , company Secretary, business management, cost accounting , management accounting etc.,

Professional courses like Company Secretary, Chartered accountant or CMA can be directly pursued just after plus two, but some other management qualification need a graduation first.

Commerce and its learning has become the driving force of economic development of a country and also the globe.

After plus two one who is better in numbers and analytics can select a career as Chartered Accountant, but if they are best in theory and have an aptitude for law can purse and achieve an excellent career in Company secretaryship.

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