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Company Secretaries training- Company or firm

Course structure The entire course is designed by industry experts, keeping in mind the demands of the industry. A qualified company secretary is termed as compliance officer, who is the last authority legal compliance, his knowledge is supposed to be updated to the last moment. No historical learning is expected.

Entire course briefly have following features

  1. Papers are designed by keeping in mind the fast changing market requirement also the impact of global free trade.

  2. Theoretical knowledge about the corporate and general laws are guaranteed.

  3.  Practical application of the several laws and circumstance are taught.

  4. Importance, procedures and papers compliance of government regulation are part of the curriculum.

  5. Expert direct and indirect taxation procedures are taught.

  6. All type of legal paper drafting and filing are major in the syllabus.

  7. Rather than the theoretical mastery, understanding and adapting to the given situation with precedents in hand is expected.

Practical training requirement In addition to the theoretical learning, the Institute of Company Secretaries of India have stipulated mandatory practical training required to be completed by a student to be qualified.This training can be from

  1. Companies

  2. Company Secretary firms As a qualified company secretary can either get engaged with a company as a company secretary or can practice as a company secretary.  The decision on the above also have to be considered to decide where the training need to be done, either with a company or firm. If a student looking for a job in the corporate world which is comparatively easy to get and continue. A job have security and can be continued for long time. Other than professional risk, the risks are limited in this option. In this situation, I strongly suggest the candidate to undertake mandatory practical training from a Company Secretary firm. The reason for such a suggestion is, when a candidate is getting absorbed to the corporate world, they are going to get a full understanding about the corporate culture and style. Almost all the cases even if a company have an employee company secretary, they also will be getting help from a firm of Company Secretaries. In such a situation, when the candidate have first hand experience working with a firm and good understanding about their way of working, it will be easy for the company to get the things done in the proper way. Running a Company Secretaries firm is not an easy task, it involves a lot of pain and efforts. Even after putting that much efforts, both physical, time and money success of a firm is fully depend on closely working with corporates. Unless otherwise they know the corporate style of working and procedures involved, it will be very tough to succeed. So the suggestion for a candidate who want to start his own practice,the training  should be done with a company. This will help them to easily adapt in any situation.

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