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Company secretary course -Exam worries

All ask whether Company Secretary course is tough? My answer is a big yes!!!

Or you tell me which course is not tough…??

The main problem what has been faced by most of the students are the self-belief they should. There is no point in talking without confidence and having a thought in mind that the course is tough, the pass percentage is less or even very low.

Company Secretary examination is a professional examination with its own standards. It can be cracked by person who have dreams to reach heights. So there is no meaning having negative thoughts.

The first thing you should have in your mind is believe in yourself and do a self-proclamation—I can do it!!

This is the first step of success, having a self-belief that you can do it.

Here comes the second problem.

We used to miss classes and never heard about revising daily, weekly or monthly. We used to search for the text in the last week for examination and have a sleepless night during examinations. This is not going to help.

Understand Company Secretary course is a professional course where we need to study like a real professional. Escaping from study is not going to help. We need to study like a professional. Have a daily study plan, revision plan, preparing notes, charts, discussion with peers are few mantras for success.

Now the third point come to play.

The Course in every stage have multiple modules. The confusion we have will be whether to give all groups or one. Now we will go to a friend who may or may not know anything about the course and will ask him his opinion. Friend you are the person who can judge your capabilities. You know your dream, your strengths and weakness. If you feel insecure do not go for both modules, go for one, but going two in one shot is excellent. Still it is my opinion.

Now the fourth point comes..

Most of the people say, after joining for CS I stopped WhatsApp, Facebook etc.. Etc… success does not come with time, it comes with quality. If you are not spending your time wisely or qualitatively, the examination is going to be tough. There should be a complete focus on study and its depth and not elsewhere.

To be successful in first attempt you need to have a proper time table for your studies and a proper revision plan. The plan should not as tight as you do not have time to take breath.

Ensure you go through all the relevant compilations, amendments notifications, Revision test papers etc. given from the institute. These are very useful.

This examination , believe me, is one another like you have taken at your school or college and take it lightly.

You can do it!!!!

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