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Contract Act Cseet MCQ - part 3

Q.1:- A wagering contract is .................. whereas a contingent contract is........................ :

a) Void/valid

b) Valid/void

c) Valid/voidable

d) Voidable/valid

Correct Option: A

Q.2:- A agrees to pay B Rs 10000, if two straight lines should enclose a space. The agreement is.....................:

a) Void

b) Voidable

c) Valid

d) Illegal

Correct Option: A

Q.3:- Contingent contracts to do nor not to do anything, if a specified uncertain event happened within a fixed time, become .............., if, at the expiration of the time fixed, such event has not happened, or if, before the time fixed, such event becomes impossible:

1. Bad

2. Valid

3. Void

4. Voidable

Correct Option: C

Q.4:- Where a promisor has made an offer of performance to promisee and the offer has been accepted, such offer must fulfil the condition:

1. If the offer is an offer to deliver anything to the promise, the promise must have a reasonable opportunity of seeing that the thing offered is the thing which the promisor is bound by his promise to deliver.

2. It must be unconditional

3. It must be made at a proper time and place

4. All of the above.

Correct Option: D

Q.5:- Where two or more persons have made a joint promise, the promisee may in the absence of the express agreement to the contrary, compel to perform the whole contract:

1. Severally

2. Jointly

3. Jointly and severally

4. Jointly or severally as per the desire of the promise

Correct Option: D

Q.6:- An agreement to do impossible act in itself is:

1. Bad

2. Void

3. Valid

4. Voidable

Correct Option: B

Q.7:- Where persons reciprocally promise, firstly, to do certain things which are legal, and, secondly, under specified circumstances, to do certain other things which are illegal, the first set of promise is a ............... , but the second is a ................ :

1. Void agreements/ contract

2. void contract/agreement

3. Contract/void agreement

4. Contract/voidable contract

Correct Option: C

Q.8:- Where there are several amounts due to recover from the debtor then how a creditor can appropriate the money deposited by the debtor towards the time barred debts:

1. Where there are no other circumstances indicating to which debt the payment is to be applied.

2. Where the debtor has omitted to intimate.

3. The creditor can’t appropriate the amount so credited towards the time barred debts.

4. Option A and B both are correct.

Correct Option: D

Q.9:- When an agreement is discovered to be void, or when a contract becomes void, any person who has received any advantage under such agreement or contract is:

1. To make compensation for it, to the person from whom he received it.

2. Bound to restore it.

3. Need not to do anything in this regard.

4. Options A and B are correct.

Correct Option: D

Q10:- In which circumstances the original contract need not be performed:

a) If the parties to a contract agree to alter it.

b) If the parties to a contract agree to substitute a new contract.

c) If the parties to a contract agree to rescind it.

d) All of the above.

Correct Option: D

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