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Antonyms or opposite words are considered easy for beginner and found difficult whenever some body get more and more deep into the language. Here we have 50 such antonyms, which are considered not easy.

  1. Abundant – Scarce

Abundant: Large Quantities available. Scarce: insufficient quantity

  1. Artificial – Natural

Artificial: Produced by human beings instead of occurring naturally Natural: Not made by humankind, derived from nature

  1. Bold – Timid

Bold: Willingness to take risk, courageous Timid: Easily frightened

  1. Intrepid – Cowardly

Intrepid: Fearless Cowardly: Lacking courage

  1. Grumpy – Amiable

Grumpy: Irritable and bad-tempered Amiable: Friendly with pleasant manners

  1. Castigate – Praise

Castigate: Expression of disapproval, Reprimand Praise: Express great approval or admiration

  1. Affable – Unfriendly

Affable: Friendly, lovable, good to talk Unfriendly: Not friendly

  1. Tranquil – Excitable

Tranquil: Calm Excitable: Easily excited

  1. Acme – Nadir

Acme: Something at its best, at the top Nadir: The lowest or the least point in the situation

  1. Boundless – Limited

Boundless: Unlimited or Immense Limited: Confined or Restricted

  1. Fiendish – Tenderhearted

Fiendish: Extremely cruel, unpleasant, evil Tenderhearted: Compassionate, Kind, Sympathetic

  1. Bashful – Bold

Bashful: Reluctant to draw attention to oneself, shy Bold: Confident, Courageous, Take risks

  1. Ephemeral- Longlived

Ephemeral: Lasting for a very short period of time Longlived: Having an existence for longer duration

  1. Compress – Enlarge

Compress: Squeeze, Flatten or press Enlarge: More extensive, Larger

  1. Debilitate – Strengthen

Debilitate: To weaken someone, infirm Strengthen: Make or become stronger

  1. Concise – Lengthy

Concise: Giving ample information in few words Lengthy: Considerable or usual length

  1. Detrimental – Beneficial

Detrimental: Tending to cause harm Beneficial: Favourable, advantageous, good

  1. Adulation – Criticism

Adulation: Excessive admiration or praise Criticism: Expression of disapproval of someone or something

  1. Inception – Conclusion

Inception: Beginning of something new Conclusion: The finishing or end of an event or process

  1. Eccentric – Ordinary

Eccentric: A person with or unusual behaviour Ordinary: Normal with no special distinct features

  1. Authentic – Fake

Authentic: Genuine, of undisputed origin Fake: Not genuine or imitation

  1. Emancipate – Enslave

Emancipate: Set free, liberate Enslave: To make some slave, to capture them

  1. Bewitch – Repel

Bewitch: Enchant or delight someone, being fond of someone Repel: Force something back or away

  1. Precarious – Safe

Precarious: Not getting a secure hold of the position or likely to fall Safe: Not exposed to danger

  1. Aversion- Liking/Inclination

Aversion: Hatred or harsh feelings towards someone or something Liking/Inclination: Being fond of something or someone

  1. Fallacious – True

Fallacious: Untrue, false or based mistaken beliefs True: Accurate of exact

  1. Avarice – Generosity

Avarice: Extreme greed for wealth Generosity: The quality of being kind and plentiful

  1. Knavish -Virtuous

Knavish: Dishonest Virtuos: Having or showing high moral standards

  1. Dwindle – Flourish

Dwindle: Diminish gradually in size or amount Flourish: Grow and develop in a healthy rigorous way

  1. Colossal – Tiny

Colossal: Extremely large or huge Tiny: Very small

  1. Decimate – Construct

Decimate: Destroy, kill or remove Construct: Build or make something typically building or road

  1. Jabber- Quiet

Jabber: Talk rapidly, chatter Quiet: Making little or no noise

  1. Foster – Suppress

Foster: Something desirable Suppress: Forcibly our something to end

  1. Yearn – Loathe

Yearn: Have an intense feeling of longing for someone or something Loathe: Feeling intense dislike or disgust

  1. Frugal – Extravagant

Frugal: Sparing or economical Extravagant: Spending money or resources recklessly

  1. Mitigate- Intensify

Mitigate: To turn something bad into less severe or painful Intensify: Become or make more intense

  1. Perennial – Occasional

Perennial: Lasting for an infinite period of time Occasional: Occurring or done in irregular intervals of time

  1. Obstinate – Amenable

Obstinate: Stubborn in one’s opinion Amenable: Lovable or Friendly

  1. Agile – Clumsy/Stiff

Agile: Able to move quickly or easily Clumsy/Stiff: Not easily bend or change in shape

  1. Clemency- Ruthlessness

Clemency: Mercy or lenience Ruthlessness: Lack of pity or compassion for others

  1. Vendetta- Harmony

Vendetta: A prolonged bitter quarrel Harmony: Pleasant

  1. Adept – Amateur

Adept: Very skilled or proficient Amateur: Someone who is incompetent or inept for a particular activity

  1. Sanguine – Pessimistic

Sanguine: Optimistic or positive in difficult condition Pessimistic: Believing that only worst will come out of the situation

  1. Palatable – Tasteless

Palatable: Pleasant to taste or tasty Tasteless: Lacking in flavour or taste

  1. Arduous – Effortless

Arduous: Requiring strenuous efforts Effortless: Requiring no mental or physical exertion

  1. Circumscribed – Boundless

Circumscribed: Restrict something within limits Boundless: Having no boundaries, unlimited

  1. Sedentary – Active Sedentary: An inactive person Active: Ready to engage in physically energetic activities

  2. Relish – Apathy

Relish: Great enjoyment Apathy: Lack of interest or enthusiasm

  1. Dearth – Abundance

Dearth: Scarcity or lack of something Abundance: Present in an excessive amount

  1. Jeopardy – Safety

Jeopardy: Danger of loss, failure or harm Safety: The condition of being protected or unlikely to cause danger

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