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Homophones - English Business Communication CSEET

1. Homophones are words that sound different but have same meanings.

a) True

b) False

Answer B

Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings.

2. Which of these means to omit?

a) Accept

b) Except

c) Acept

d) Exccept

Answer B

3.______ is the most important city of a country.

a) Capitol

b) Capetol

c) Capital

d) Capitalisation

Answer C

4. Which of these is an adjective?

a) Course

b) Coaurse

c) Caorse

d) Coarse

Answer D

Coarse is an adjective meaning unrefined or harsh in texture.

5. _____ refers to the second-mentioned thing of two things.

a) Later

b) Latter

c) Latte

d) Late

Answer B


6. Affect – prented, Influence

Effect - Result

7. Allusion- Indirect, reference

Illusion - deceptive, Appearance

8. Altar- A place for offereing in a temple or church

Alter – Change

9. Apposite - Suitable, proper

Opposite - Contrary, quite, different.

10. Avocation- secondary, occupation,

Vocation – regular profession

11. Bare – uncovered (kahali)

Bear – tolerate – (sahana)

12. Birth - coming into life.

Berth – a seat in a cabin or carriage

13. Bridal – Relating to marriage

Bridle – Rein

14. Board - A piece of Wood

Bored – Felt tired or dull

15. Border - Edge

Boarder – One who lives with some body

16. Convas – Rough Cloth of hemp or flax

Convass – solicit vote or some favour

17. Casual - Accidental, occasional

Causal – having the relation between cause and effect.

18. Check- Restrain, prevent , test

Cheque- A written order to bank for money.

19. Cession- surrender of something or transfer of a territory

Session- A term of period cessation – Stopping

20. Coarse - rough

Course- line of action

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