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To be on the topic, the answer is that , there is no specific way you should answer comment based question. But still from the experience we can say the most advisable way of answering.

Comment based questions are questions containing a statement and the student need to analyse the statement and put up their view with provisions.

Here what we need to understand is that we are not asked to write a 10 page content with provisions and dumping all information. Following points can be looked in while answering such questions.

  1. Do not ever try to explain the legal provision first. You need to put you view first .

  2. Then you should explain why you considered your view as right, with proper provisions.

  3. Do not try to fill pages with unnecessary points and provisions either to confuse the examiner or to show your mettle.

  4. Do not try to bluff.

  5. Most important is that there should be a proper conclusion to your answer.

let us take an example, you are coming out of India Australia one day match. One of your friend is asking you about the match, what you will do?, go to hotel, take a room and start with the moment the stadium opened till it closed after that match! NO…. you will just put that into a minute or less than that.

Exactly the same you need to use while answering a comment question, understand that the examiner is not asking you to answer with explanation, but your view only. Need to put the point and provision.

Technique for answering a comment question

First check what type of statement it is. Most important thing is that you need to read twice such questions, as there are chances that the question may from just opposite angle you understood first. If you feel satisfied with the authenticity of the statement, put your view first, state whether it is correct or not.

So start your answer with your statement, whether the statement is correct or not. Then start your explanation. This is the place where you can write case provisions, case law reference, applicability of other laws and such other related information with direct reference. Know the limit. Understand that now you need to put your conclusion to the statement.

As we are answering other questions, we need to note that, the key words should be underlines. If you are making your answer in parts, do give sub headings to give more clarity to the answer.

Your answers should not be lengthy, make it in points, with proper spacing. If you really feel the concluded view is going to have futuristic use, put that into your answer.

While answering you may feel some questions for which you have full knowledge, but be careful not to spend more than the required time on it and do not put unnecessary information.

Keep it simple and sweet, you have done.

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