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How to choose a course for your life?

When students pass out of 12th or graduation, relatives, friends, well-wishers etc. will be pouring in advices.

Some of them will ask you to go for medicine and some for engineering and some of the people come up and say it is always better to go for Chartered Accountancy for Company Secretary.

Believe it, they are not going for learning, you are the person really going for learning. So the decision should be yours. If you have not done the homework and simply selected a course based on somebody's advice there are chances that you will not be successful.

 It is proven that, if you are not following your dreams you are not going achieve your dreams as well. 

We need to understand, we cannot spend years together for a course. Let it be any course either it is academic or professional we should be able to clear the course in the shortest time possible, so we can start our career easily.

While selecting a course what are the things we should keep in mind?

1. The course should be futuristic: In most of the time we go by fancy courses, those may not be having great opportunities. If we compare engineering graduation with corporate education, the real problem is that the market is flooded with engineering graduates.

2. There should be opportunities: The course should be something like which can take you to good corporates easily.

3. There should be demand for the course: There should be generic demand for the course. The person who completed the course should be a value addition to the corporate world.

4. There should be growth opportunities: Those days have gone like working till retirement in one company and earn as received. Now a days the focus is earn more in lesser time with value addition to the society. So the qualification should provide ample scope for growth.

It may not be possible to explain about all the courses available in one article. So let us try to understand about Company Secretary Course, which is one of the premier course in the market with demand. This course is offered by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, an institution created by an act of parliament.

As I mentioned earlier this is one of the course with high demand, is a tough course to crack. So when a student select this course, the selection should be voluntarily and whole heartedly.

Let us discuss about things to be kept in mind while selecting a course

  1. Please don't try to select this course because of somebody's advice or seeing their success. This is one of the toughest course in the market which can take you to any level of corporate career. So whole hearted selection and acceptance of the courses is very important.

  2.  If you selected this course there will be lot of advices you will receive about how you should study. It is true that this course is under distance learning platform of ICSI, but the real question is whether we will be able to crack this course in the first attempt through self-study? 

  3. This is one of the ace professional course requiring in-depth knowledge about the legal aspects of the business and practical aspects about how a corporate is working. So the question arises, do there is a need to go to coaching centres? Yes, it is always advisable to go to a coaching centre so that you will be learning from a person who experienced practical situations in the profession. But here we need to be careful to select a coaching centre which is run by a company secretary, otherwise you will be ending up with coaching centre run by academicians who cannot be having practical knowledge. That will be suicidal. 

  4. Take training and internships very seriously. This will help you to have practical knowledge experience real life situations. So grab every opportunity to interact with people in the industry as well the training programmes arranged by the chapters.

  5. Most successful people in the world always say that day have a mentor or a godfather. It is true that having a godfather will help us both academically and professionally. So try to find a mentor from the people you meet and follow that person so that you can achieve your dream. There are many good people available in the market who are ready to help the people in need. 

  6.  There is no meaning in getting tensed unnecessarily and not living your life full. Enjoy your life with your studies because this is not a course which want to see you fail. A proper planning and a systematic study will help even an average student to clear the examinations.  

  7. Of course during the study you may have to struggle to understand the case laws, sections etc. but the world after that is really big. It make sense if that can help you to achieve your dreams and goals. You can become one of the best professionals in the market. The positive approach will definitely help you to reach any level in the corporate management

So believe that Company Secretary Course is one of the premier course in the market which of course is a tough course to crack but once you crack this course you can reach anywhere in the corporate management. This is a course which is going to make your future.

We need to be confident and we need to have a positive and systematic approach to clear it.

We can do in first attempt.

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