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Is CSEET is easy to pass or tough to crack?  How difficult is CSEET?

Is CSEET is easy to pass or tough to crack? How difficult is CSEET?

The first stage of elite Company Secretary curse is CS Executive Entrance Test. This is one of the elite test and it is one of the most sought after course , for students who want to reach the top of business management.

To become Company Secretary , the first step need to be taken is to prepare for the entrance. The CSEET entrance is an online entrance conducted four times a year, usually in January, May, July and November.

The first step is to get yourself registered in for the entrance and pay the entrance fee, the fee was 1000 but it is now increased to 1500. There are only two documents need to be attached with application, photo and signature.

Who shall compulsorily take entrance route?

Students who are appearing for higher secondary examinations or appeared for plus two examinations or passed or pursuing graduates. For graduates and above there is no need to take the entrance and they can directly enrol for CS Executive bypassing CSEET.

How tough is CSEET?

CSEET is mainly testing the corporate study learning aptitude of the student. As the course is one of the elite course, and most sought after, the entrance is supposed to be tough. So do not take the entrance so lightly, this is a professional entrance which is conducted through online mode across the nation.

There are four subjects in CSEET

  1. Business communication

  2. Legal and logical aptitude

  3. Economics and Business environment

  4. Current affairs and viva ( Viva stands cancelled and MCQ on listening and presentation skills added.}

The entire examination is on Online mode with multiple choice questions. There is not separate examination for each paper, it is one examination of two hours. Each paper carry 50 marks and a student need to score at least twenty in each paper to pass on individual paper and need to score 50% in aggregate to clear the examination.

So even if a student score 20 marks in all papers, he will score only 80 marks, so he/she will fail. The student to need to score 100 marks in aggregate to pass the examination.

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