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Jumble Sentences - CSEET Business communication

Q 1. Arrange the following Jumble sentences –

  1. People want that racialism should be wiped out.

  2. Our principles are different from our profession.

  3. He will propagate his message

  4. His words will be accepted by the following generations.

  5. People should adopt it .

Options – (A) 52314 (B) 12345 (C) 41523 (D)42531

Answer C

Q 2- Arrange following sentences into meaningful paragraph.

  1. Such a religion can lead us.

  2. Swami practiced a religion.

  3. He was able to communicate with god.

  4. It was the religion of experience.

Options – (A) 1234 (B) 4231 (C) 2431 (D) 2143

Answer C

Q 3– Rearrange following sentences to make a meaningful paragraph.

  1. It dislodged the green spectacles from Denton’s nose, and for a moment his eyes were exposed.

  2. To Oliver it was fun, but Denton evidently did not relish it.

  3. He replaced them hurriedly, but not in time. Oliver’s sharp eyes detected him.

  4. The road was a bad one, jolting the vehicle without mercy.

  5. At last one jolt came, nearly overturning the conveyance.

Options – (A) 42531 (B) 34521 (C) 42513 (D) 54213

Answer C

Q 4 Rearrange the following sentence into meaningful paragraph

  1. In his literacy work he spoke of that province of human life which mere intellect does not speak.

  2. He has also given innocent joy to many children by his stories like ‘Kabuliwalah’

  3. These songs are sung not only in bengal but all over the country.

  4. Rabindranath’s great works sprang from intensity of vision and feelings.

  5. He sang of beauty and heroism, nobility and charm.

Options – (A) 21543 (B) 34521 (C) 41253 (D) 32514

Answer C

Q 5 Rearrange the following sentence into meaningful paragraph

  1. To much of the labour movement, it symbolizes the brutality of the upper classes.

  2. And to everybody watching, the current mess over foxhunting, symbolizes the government’s weakness.

  3. To foxhunting supporters, Labour’s 1991 manifesto commitment to ban it symbolizes the party’s metropolitan roots and hostility to the countryside.

  4. Small issues sometimes have large symbolic power

  5. To those who enjoy thundering across the country-side in red coats after foxes, foxhunting symbolizes the ancient roots of rural lives.

Options – (A) 45132 (B) 53421 (C) 35124 (D) 42153

Answer A

Q 6. A. Hitler said he was in a rush and asked Ribbentrop if he could be taken next, but Ribentrop insisted it would look bad for the Foreign Office if he were passed over.

B. Hitler thereupon made a quick phone call and Ribbentrop was immediately transferred to the Afrika Korps.

C. In the spring of 1940, a large Mercedes pulled up in front of my barbershop at 127 Koenigstrasse, Hitler walked in and said, "I just want a light trim – and don't take too much off the top."

D. I explained to him there would be a brief wait because von Ribbentrop was ahead of him.

(a) CADB

(b) CDAB

(c) CBDA

(d) CABD

Answer B

Q 7. People

(P) at his dispensary

(Q) went to him

(R) of a11 professions

(S) for medicine and treatment

  1. RQSP

  2. QPRS

  3. QRPS

  4. RPQS

Answer A

Q 8. All religions are

(P) to advance the cause of peace

(Q) in a holy partnership

(R) justice and freedom

(S) bound together

  1. PQRS

  2. PRQS

  3. SPQR

  4. SQPR

Answer D

Q 9. It is better…..

P. to keep the refrigerator

Q. in a well ventilated space

R. and

S. not

T. in a closed cavity





Answr B

Q 10. The effectiveness of a show….

P. the needs of the audience

Q. is judged by

R. and by its relation to

S. its theme

a.) PSQR

b.) QRPS

c.) PQRS

d.) QSRP

Answer D

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