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National Food Security Mission

In view of the stagnating food grain production and an increasing consumption need of the growing population, Government of India has launched this Centrally Sponsored Scheme, ‘National Food Security Mission’ in October 2007.

The Mission met with an overwhelming success and achieved the targeted additional production of rice, wheat and pulses. The Mission continued during 12th Five Year Plan with new targets of additional production of food grains of 25 million tonnes of food grains comprising of 10 million tonnes rice, 8 million tonnes of wheat, 4 million tonnes of pulses and 3 million tonnes of coarse cereals by the end of 12th Five Year Plan.

Based on past experience and performance of 12th Plan, the programme is being continued upcto 2019-20, which is co-terminus with Fourteenth Finance Commission (FFC) period. The targets to achieve are 13 million tonnes of additional food grains production comprising of Rice – 5 million tonnes, Wheat- 3 million tonnes, Pulses- 3 million tonnes and Coarse Cereals- 2 million tonnes.

  1. It is a centrally sponsored scheme.

  2. It is launched to enhance the production of Rice, Wheat, Pulses, Coarse Cereals and commercial crops (Cotton, jute and Sugarcane).

  3. Targets - Production of rice, wheat and pulses would be increased by 10, 8, 4 million tonnes respectively and Coarse cereals by 3 million tonnes.

  4. Funding - 50:50 by Centre and State for food crops and 100% centre funding for cash crops.

  5. It would be implemented through cluster demonstration, distribution of high yield seeds with farm mechanization, &Integrated pest management.

  6. Note - National Food Security Act is different from the Mission and the act is administered by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs)

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