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Study and music

How to win your life? You need to have two main things knowledge and goal. There may be many subsidiary things which can help you to achieve your success but knowledge and goal are the main components. Knowledge comes form study and experience. Study gives us foundation for knowledge and experience gives us the practical knowledge of the subject.

Study is very important. But there are many distraction when we study. Distractions wastes our time and also can be demotivating.

Study distractions can either be internal or external.

Internal study distractions can be physiological needs and emotional thoughts.

External study distractions can be technology and people.

Let us try to discuss one of the most famous study distraction. Music.

It is true whether it is internal or external, life is full of distractions and for being successful in life, we need to overcome distractions.

One of the major distraction for a student is back ground noise like Television, speech etc. Irrelevant speech makes study more difficult. Now when we look on to the student community a major portion of the student have a habit of hearing music when they study. Some of the students are even ready to explain the benefits of hearing music when study.

But some of the people says that hearing music is not that good when you are seriously trying to study something. A scientific study says that people make unwarranted eye movements while studying when there is background music or speech.

Is listening to music is good?

A recent survey says that 65% of the people listen music while studying. This will marginally reduce study efficiency because

  1. Focus will be lost as we will be hearing music and learning subject. Doing two works at a time.

  2. Most of music have language or rhythm which will distract.

A 2007 study by Stanford university researchers explains that the brain images of people who hear music while learning found that the music engages the areas of brain to pay attention, making prediction, updating the even in memory. It also says peak brain activity occurred during short silence between musical movements.

So why people says that they have got benefits. The simple logic is that if you hear something you love the most, you may not require further memorising. Otherwise your brain will be busy in memorising while you study.

It is always advisable to keep your smart phone or music system off and be in silence while you study.

And if you still want music when you study, have some light instrumental or classic music and not that fast and latest music numbers.

Happy learning!!!

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