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Study plan for CSEET

Following methodology is suggested for achieving the passing criteria and cracking the exam

Understanding the CSEET Syllabus

The CSEET syllabus is really inclusive and touches up on almost all the areas which are very important to a business professional. The CSEET syllabus touches up on

  1. Communication skills: It starts with language skills. Language is an important medium of communication. Offline and online communication is explained in details with

  2. Advantages

  3. Disadvantages

  4. Points of importance

  5. Types of communication

  6. Timing and methods of communication.

  7. Economics and Business environment: Basic economics is well taught here with special focus to demand, supply, price, elasticity etc. Business environment has been placed as second part in the paper. It contains chapters about

  8. Basic business environment

  9. Business scenario

  10. Various economic institutions

  11. Economic policies

  12. Related aspects.

  13. Legal aptitude and logical reasoning: legal aptitude and logical reasoning are two pillars of success of a company secretary. This paper contains

  14. Indian constitution

  15. Indian contract act

  16. Law of torts

  17. Companies act

  18. Company secretaries act

  19. Various topics in logical reasoning,

  20. Current affairs: This paper contains the following topic

  21. Current affairs

  22. Listening skills

  23. Presentation skills

Making a Study Plan

You should have a focused study plan which has to be executed properly. Deviations should be properly analysed and corrected. It is always to better to talk to your coaching centre to get guidance from your mentor.

Journals and CSEET Bulletins released by ICSI

There are monthly issues of CSEET bulletins which contains relevant updates for the students. It is always very important read and follow the bulletins and other publications from Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

Attending Classes

It is very important to attend classes regularly and learn. As most of the students are just out from senior secondary classes, it is important to learn the basics of the course. It is important to learn from the leaders, who have experience.

In the case of Artha Gurukulam we have regular classes and regular tests to test the efficiency of the student. We provide chapter wise, topic wise, importance wise notes to the students.

Giving Mock Tests periodically

Giving Mock Tests periodically will help students to get familiar with style of examination or attempting the actual question paper. As this is now an online paper and which can be given by sitting at home also, hence it can be a bit difficult for students to create examination type atmosphere at home. But with the mock tests they can also assess their speed of solving questions and can also ascertain the accuracy level used in the performance.

Self Practice

Self practice is very important for a student to succeed in their life. So follow the above steps and do self practice without fail, you can be a company secretary.

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