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Tips for CS exam preparation

Every student face, for that case for any course, have the problem of memory. Most of the students comes up and tell, they forget things very easily. In this article we will try to analyse common memory problem and its solution.

In every class every teacher tell the student that revision is the core of memory. At this era a social networking and gaming, most of them tend to forget and come back tell that they are not able remember things. To understand the real problem we need to understand the process of memory.

Let us assume we are reading a text book or attending a class. The science of psychology says that we will forget almost 75 to 80% of what we read or heard in next 30 days. 30 days are maximum and most the people forget things well before that. So think about an examination which is going to happen after 6 months, we may not be able to even recognise the topic.

What is the solution?

The only solution for this problem is to have proper revision plan. Experiences says that if we revise a portion within one week of reading or hearing even once it will extend our memory by another from just 20% to 40% but if we are able revise minimum two to three times within a month, we will be able to remember around 80% of the topic, increase the number of revision and increase the percentage.

So the core of remembering things are the proper and timely revision. Revision helps us to tell our brain that the matter is serious and we need to remember it, so the brain will keep the matter in long term memory.

Now the problem is revision is a difficult exercise. Just think that a student is reading the topic or first revision is happening within 24 hours of first hearing, they might have have taken less than 40% of the time they have taken for the first reading. It is scientifically proven that if you revise anything within 24 hours of reading, it will become more permanent in your memory.

At the time of examination, revision helps us to have a good sleep and writing examination confidently. If a student who have done proper revision tries to revise the entire book in the last day of the examination it will be very easy to do. One more thing what a student can keep in mind that they should try to prepare some small notes and charts on each revision, which can be used as a ready reckoner for future.

Each revision will help the student to under stand and clear concepts about the subjects. When we compare with a student who have not done proper revision, who will be confused on subjects and topics and may not be able to go to the examination hall confidently. A student who have done proper revision will be more clear about the concepts and topics and will be very confident to go to examination hall and come out with flying colours.

No shortcut for success.

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