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Abbreviations - CSEET Business Communication Part 2 -E to L


EAA :- Easy Animal Aid

EAS :- Employment Assurance Scheme

ECB :- European Central Bank

ECG :- Electro Cardiogram Graph

ECIL :- Electronic Corporation of India Limited

ECM :- European Common Market

ECOWAS :- Economic Cooperation Organization of West African States

EEC :- European Economic Community

EEG :- Electro Encephalogram Graph

EFTA :- European Free Trade Association

EGPWS :- Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System

EHTP :- Electronics Hardware Technology Park

ELCINA :- Electronics and Radar Development Establishment

ELISA :- Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay

EMF :- Electromotive Force

EMI :- Equal Monthly Installment

EMR :- Exclusive Marketing Right

EMS :- European Monetary System

EMU :- Electric Multiple Unit

ENLF :- Elam National Liberation Front

EOW :- Economic Offence Wing

EPIP :- Export Promotion Industrial Park

EPRLF :- Elam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front

EPZ :- Export Processing Zone

ERDA :- Energy Research and Development Administration

ERS :- European Remote Sensing Satellite

ERTS :- Earth Resources Technology Satellite

ESA :- European Space Agency

ESCAP :- Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific

ESMA :- Essential Services Maintenance Act

EVM :- Electronic Voting Machine

EVTR :- Electro Video Tape Recording

EXIM :- bank Export-Import Bank of India

EURECA :- European Research Coordinating Agency


FAO :- Food and Agriculture Organization

FARC :- Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia

FBI :- Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBTR :- Fast Breeder Test Reactor

FCV :- Flue Cured Virginia (a kind of tobacco)

FCI :- Food Corporation of India/Fertilizer Corporation of India

FDR :- Flight Data Recorder (Black Box)

FERA :- Foreign Exchange Regulation Act

FEMA :- Foreign Exchange Management Act

FFI :- Film Federation of India

FICCI :- Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

FIEO :- Federation of Indian Export Organization

FIIA :- Foreign Investment Implementation Authority

FIIT :- Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer

FIPB :- Foreign Investment Promotion Board

FIR :- First Information Report

FRS :- Fellow of the Royal Society

FTA :- Free To Air

FTII :- Films & Television Institute of India

FTZ :- Free Trade Zone


GAIL :- Gas Authority of India Limited

GATT :- General Agreement on Tariff and Trade

GAVI :- Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization

GCC :- Gulf Cooperation Council

GIC :- General Insurance Corporation

GMPCS :- Global Mobile Personal Communications System

GMRT :- Giant Meterweb Radio Telescope

GMT :- Greenwich Mean Time

GNLF :- Gorkha National Liberation Front

GNP :- Gross National Product

GPF :- General Provident Fund

GPO :- General Post Office

GPRS :- General Packet Radio Service

GPS :- Global Positioning System

GRA :- Global Research Alliance

GSDI :- Global Spatial Data Infrastructure

GSI :- Geological Survey of India

GSTP :- Global System of Trade Practices

GSOMIA :- General Security of Military Information Agreement


HAC :- Hindustan Aluminium Corporation

HADP :- Hill Area Development Programme

HAL :- Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

HARK :- Handy Audio Reach Kit System

HARTRDN :- Haryana State Electricity Development Corporation Limited

HCF :- Highest Common Factor

HDFC :- Housing Development Finance Corporation

HDPE :- High Density Poly Ethylene

HDTV :- High Definition Television

HEC :- Heavy Engineering Corporation

HEL :- Heavy Electricals Limited

HESH :- High Explosive Squash Head

HISA :- Hero Indian Sports Academy

HIV :- Human Immuno-deficiency Virus

HMI :- Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

HMT :- Hindustan Machine Tools

HPTS :- High Power Television Transmitter System

HTR :- High Temperature Reactor

HUDCO :- Housing and Urban Development Corporation

HYVS :- High Yield Variety Seeds


IAAI :- International Airport Authority of India

IAC :- Indian Airlines Corporation

IADF :- International Agriculture Development Fund

IAEA :- International Atomic Energy Agency

IAPPD :- Indian Association of Parliamentarians on Population and Development

IARI :- Indian Agricultural Research Institute

IATA :- International Air Transport Association

IBSA :- India, Brazil, South Africa

IBRD :- International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (worldbank)

IBWL :- Indian Board of Wild Life

ICAC :- International Council of Adult Education

ICAI :- Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

ICAO :- International Civil Aviation Organization

ICAR :- Indian Council of Agricultural Research

ICBM :- Inter Continental Ballistic Missile

ICC :- International Cricket Council

ICCR :- Indian Council of Cultural Relations

ICCW :- Indian Council of Child Welfare

ICFTU :- International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

ICHR :- Indian Council for Historical Research

ICICI :- Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Ltd.

ICJ :- International Court of Justice

ICMR :- Indian Council of Medical Research

ICO :- Islamic Conference Organization

ICPA :- Indian Cricket Players Association

ICRC :- International Committee of the Red Cross

ICRISAT :- International Crops Research Institute for the Semi Arid Topics

ICSI :- Indian Company Secretaries Institute

ICSSR :- Indian Council of Social Science Research

IDA :- International Development Agency

IDBI :- Industrial Development Bank of India

IDD :- Iodine Deficiency Disorder

IDO :- International Defence Organization

IDPL :- Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited

IED :- Improvised Explosives Device

IFA :- Indian Football Association

IFAD :- International Fund for Agricultural Development

IFCI :- Industrial Finance Corporation of India

IFFI :- International Film Festival of India

IFFCO :- Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative

IFFS :- International Federation of Film Societies

IFTU :- International Federation of Trade Union

IGMCO :- Inter-Government Maritime Consultative Organization

IGNCA :- Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts

IIAS :- Indian Institute of Advance Studies

IIBM :- Indian Institute of Business Management

IIDR :- International Institute for Development Research

IIPA :- Indian Institute of Public Administration

IITM :- Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology

IIS :- Indian Institute of Sciences

IISCO :- Indian Iron and Steel Company

IIT :- Indian Institute of Technology

ILO :- International Labour Organization

IMA :- Indian Military Academy

IMCO :- Inter-government Meritime Consultative Organization

IMF :- Indian Mountaineering Foundation/International Monetary Fund

IMPPA :- Indian Motion Picture Producers Asscoation

INGCA :- Indira Gandhi Gallery for Culture and Art

INMURSAT :- International Maritime Satellite Organisation

INMAS :- Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences

INS :- Indian Naval Ship/Indian Newspapers Society

INSAT :- Indian National Satellite

INSDOC :- Indian National Scientific Documentation Centre

INTAC :- Indian National Trust for Art and Culture

INTELSAT :- International Telecommunication Satellite

INTERFEET :- International Force for East Timor

INTERPOL :- Interpole Police Organisation

INCOSPAR :- Indian National Committee for Space Research

INTUC :- Indian National Trade Union Congress

IOC :- International Olympic Committee/Indian Oil Corporation

IPC :- Indian Penal Code

IPCC :- Inter-government Panel on Climate Chance

IPI :- International Press Institution

IPKF :- Indian Peace Keeping Force

IP-VPN :- Internet Protocol based Virtual Private Network

IQ :- Intelligence Quotient

IRA :- Irish Republic Army/Insurance Regulatory Authority

IRAS :- Infrared Astronomical Satellite

IRBM :- Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile

IRCON :- Indian Railway Construction Company

IRCS :- Indian Red Cross Society

IRDA :- Insurance Regulatory Development Authority

IRDP :- Integrated Rural Development Programme

IRO :- International Refugee Organization

IRSS :- Indian Remote Sensing Satellite

ISAF :- International Security Assistance Force

ISAS :- Institute of Space and Astronomical Science

ISB :- Indian Standard Bureau

ISBA :- International Sea Bed Authority

ISCUS :- Indo-Soviet Cultural Society

ISE :- International Stock Exchange

ISM :- Indian School of Mines

ISO :- International Standardized Organization

ISP :- Internet Services Provider

ISRO :- Indian Space Research Organization

ISS :- Institute of Social Sciences

ISSP :- Indian Scientific Satellite Project

IST :- Indian Standard Time

ITBP :- Indo-Tibet Border Police

ITDC :- Indian Tourism Development Corporation

ITES :- IT-Enabled Services

ITPO :- Indian Trade Promotion Organization

ITO :- International Trade Organization

ITR :- Integrated Test Range

ITU :- International Telecommunication Union

ITUC :- Indian Trade Union Congress

IUC :- Interconnect Usage Charges

IUCAA :- Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics

IUCNNR :- International Union for the Conservation of Natural and National Research

IVRI :- Indian Veterinary Research Institute

IVRS :- Interactive Virus Response System

IWT :- Indus Water Treaty

IYSH :- International Year of Shelter for the Homeless


J2SE :- Java 2 Standard Edition OR Java 2 Special Edition

J2ME :- Java 2 Micro Edition OR Java 2 Mobile Edition

JCWI :- Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

JKLF :- Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front

JMM :- Jharkhand Mukti Morcha


KAADC :- Karbi Anglong Autonomous District Council

KARP :- Kalpakkam Atomic Reprocessing Plant

KG :- Kinder Garten

KRM :- Kashmir Resolution Movement

KSTPS :- Kota Super Thermal Power Station

KVIC :- Khadi and Village Industries Commission


LAC :- Line of Actual Control

LAHDC :- Ladakh Hill Development Council

LASER :- Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

LCM :- Lowest Common Multiple

LDC :- Lower Division Clerk

LIBOR :- London Inter Bank Offered Rate

LIC :- Life Insurance Corporation of India

LLB :- Bachelor of Law

LLD :- Doctor of Law

LLM :- Master of Law

LMG :- Light Machine Gun

LOC :- Line of Control

LOAC :- Line of Actual Control

LPA :- Laws Prevention Association of India

LPG :- Liquefied Petroleum Gas

LSD :- Lysergic acid Di-ethylamide

LTTE :- Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam

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