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Analogy in logical reasoning with examples with multiple choice questions

An analogy is a comparison between two things that are similar in some way. It typically consists of two pairs of words, where the relationship between the first pair is parallel to the relationship between the second pair.




Analogies: Analogies are used to show a relationship between two sets of words. They test your ability to recognize relationships and apply them to new contexts.


Types of Relationships:


1. Synonyms: Words with similar meanings (e.g., hot : warm)

2. Antonyms: Words with opposite meanings (e.g., hot : cold)

3. Part to Whole: Relationship between a part and the whole (e.g., finger : hand)

4. Cause and Effect: Relationship between a cause and its effect (e.g., rain : wet)

5. Tool and Function: Relationship between a tool and its function (e.g., hammer : nail)




1. Example: Hand is to glove as foot is to ___.

Relationship: Hand is a part of the body that is covered by a glove. Similarly, a foot is a part of the body that is covered by a ___.

Answer: Shoe


2. Example: Cat is to meow as dog is to ___.

Relationship: Cat's sound is meow. Dog's sound is ___.

Answer: Bark


3. Example: Hot is to cold as day is to ___.

Relationship: Hot is the opposite of cold. Day is the opposite of ___.

Answer: Night


Multiple Choice Questions:


1. Example: Tall is to short as big is to ___.

A) Small

B) Large

C) Tiny

D) Huge

Answer: A) Small


2. Example: Circle is to round as square is to ___.

A) Straight

B) Pointed

C) Flat

D) Square

Answer: D) Square


3. Example: Eat is to food as drink is to ___.

A) Water

B) Thirst

C) Drink

D) Liquid

Answer: C) Drink


4. Example: Student is to school as employee is to ___.

A) Office

B) Job

C) Company

D) Work

Answer: C) Company


5. Example: Pen is to write as knife is to ___.

A) Cut

B) Sharp

C) Blade

D) Handle

Answer: A) Cut


6. : Bird is to fly as fish is to ___.

A) Swim

B) Water

C) Fins

D) Ocean

Answer: A) Swim


7. Example: Sun is to day as moon is to ___.

A) Night

B) Sky

C) Dark

D) Stars

Answer: A) Night


8. Example: Piano is to music as brush is to ___.

A) Paint

B) Canvas

C) Art

D) Stroke

Answer: A) Paint


9. Example: Car is to road as boat is to ___.

A) Water

B) Sail

C) Ocean

D) Swim

Answer: A) Water


10. Example: Book is to read as TV is to ___.

A) Watch

B) Screen

C) Show

D) Channel

Answer: A) Watch

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