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Company law sections related General Meetings and related aspects

A company takes its decisions through meetings. Meeting can be mainly divided into two

1. Members meeting

2. Directors meeting

Members meetings also known as general meetings. General meetings can be further divided into Annual general meeting and Extra Ordinary General meetings. Companies Act 2013, have several provisions relating to general meetings.

Members take decisions in these meetings with regard to management of the company, future course of actions, appointment of directors, appointment of auditors etc.

In this article we provide the relevant sections a professional student must look into to understand the provisions of law.

All sections are important , but most important sections are made bold.

GENEARL MEETINGS(Sections 88-122)

88. Register of members,etc.

89. Declaration in respectof beneficial interest

90. Register of significant beneficial owners

91. Power to close registerof member

92. Annual return

93. [Omitted] AMENDMENT ACT 2017

94. Place of keepingof registers, returns,etc.

95. Registers, etc., to be evidence

96. Annual generalmeeting

97. Power of Tribunal to callannual general meeting

98. Power of Tribunalto call meetings of members, etc

99. Punishment for contravention of sections 96 to 98

100. Calling of extraordinary general meeting

101. Notice of meeting

102. Statement to be annexedto notice

103. Quorum for meetings

104. Chairman of meetings

105. Proxies

106. Restriction on votingrights

107. Voting by show of hands

108. Voting throughelectronic means

109. Demand for poll

110. Postal ballot

111. Circulation of members’resolution

112. Representation of President and Governors

113. Representation of corporations at meeting

114. Ordinary and special resolutions.

115. Resolutions requiringspecial notice

116. Resolutions passed at adjourned meeting

117. Resolutions and agreements to be filed.

118. Minutes

119. Inspection of minute-books of general meeting

120. Maintenance/ inspection of documents in e-form

121. Report on annual general meeting

122. Applicability of this Chapter to OPC

DIVIDEND (Sections 123-127)

123. Declaration of dividend

124. Unpaid DividendAccount

125. Investor Education and Protection Fund

126. Right to dividend,rights shares and bonus sharesto be held in abeyance.

127. Punishment for failure to distribute dividends

AUDIT AND AUDITORS (Sections 139-148)

139. Appointment of auditors

140. Removal, resignation of auditor and giving of special notice

141. Eligibility, qualifications and disqualifications of auditors

142. Remuneration of auditors

143. Powers and duties of auditors and auditing

144. Auditor not to rendercertain services

145. Auditor to sign audit reports,etc.

146. Auditors to attendgeneral meeting

147. Punishment for contravention

148. cost audit

Important sections under each head is marked bold.

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