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Company Secretary course - Who can study?

What is Company Secretary course?

Company Secretary course is such a course which can be pursued by any student who completed 12th standard, no need that they should be from commerce back ground.

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India offers the course under the authority from Government of India, through the Act, Company Secretaries Act, 1980. ICSI is a statutory organisation created by the above Act of Parliament. Company secretary course is available through distance learning, or through experience and renowned coaching centres.

Candidates aspiring to seek admission to this program, in this institute, need to crack the CSEET or Company Secretary Executive Entrance test. The exam is conducted on a national level. CSEET is an online entrance test conducted under remote proctored system, which is compulsory for a student who have completed 12th standard and not needed for a student who have completed his/her graduation.

After CSEET, the student will be eligible to enter into the next level, Executive level and then to Professional level. On completion of study or during the preparation of professional the student need to undergo compulsory 21 months training. On cumulative completion of these all, they will be awarded the qualification called ACS – Associate Company Secretary, and they will be eligible to offer them selves for the position of company secretaries on employment or practice.

Why study Company Secretary course?

· On completion of the course one will be called to be statutorily qualified as company secretary.

· Plus two is the basic qualification required for this course and the minimum duration needed 3 years. So this is one of such qualification which can be achieved at the age of around 20.

· Companies act 2013 and SEBI regulations mandates the appointment of company Secretaries, which is compulsory.

· The position of company secretary is one the top position in the senior management of the organisation, which makes the candidate eligible to receive handsome salary and stature.

· Can have flexible working hours and comparatively less stress.

· UGC approved this qualification as equivalent to PG, the student can appear for National Eligibility Test, Pursue Phd, take up teaching jobs at management colleges as per UGC notification 2010.

· A company secretary can pursue research in corporate topics with Indian Institute of Management, premiere management institute in the world.

· Can use this qualification to work in more than 110 countries across the globe.

· A company secretary can practice as a professional, for which, sky is the limit, and much more.

The opportunities for company secretaries are numerous as he is the expert in law, especially corporate law. The entire corporate world look up on him as an expert and having solutions for all compliance issues.

When to study Company Secretary course?

· The basic educational qualification for pursuing the course is plus two or 12th.

· Though commerce stream is desirable, it is not compulsory. The course curriculum is designed in such a way that, the learning starts from the basics, so any body can learn.

· Minimum age to pursue the course is 17, but there is no maximum age for this course.

Who should study Company Secretary course?

· Desirable is commerce back ground, but any body can learn.

· A student who want to be somebody different from ordinary can do this course.

· Students having good mental strength, convincing powers can go for this.

· It will help a student to create good communication skills, time management, make him multitasking, meticulous planner etc.

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