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CS Professional course - Syllabus in detail

Company Secretary profession course is the final level to become qualified. The world of company secretary is prestigious and of a corporate compliance officer. All stakeholders look up on to company secretary as an authentic authority on every compliance issues.

At the executive level of the course which just the student cleared they have learned all legal procedures and processes for all corporate activities from incorporation the winding up.

Knowing all the procedures and processes theoretically will not make them a good company secretary, to excel in life they also should have practical knowledge of complying with all procedures and processes. CS professional course is designed to make the student an expert in all practical areas a company secretary may have to deal with in his professional life. In addition to that, this is the level where the student is allowed to take an area of specialization based on their taste, as Paper 3 in Module 3.

Professional level is divided into three module, each module comprises three papers. So total number of papers in 9 out which one paper is an elective for which the examination can be written in open book mode.

The entire syllabus is explained here under, for detailed information about each paper click on the paper name.




Electives (Under Module 3) 1 out of bellow 5 Subjects –

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