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Paper 1 : Business Communication

1. A word used to describe or point out, a person, animal, place or thing which the noun names, or to tell the number and quantity is called a/an ____________.

a. Verb

b. Noun

c. Adverb

d. Adjective

2. “I am reading a book”, is which form of tense?

a. Simple Present

b. Present Continuous

c. Present Perfect

d. Present Perfect Continuous

3. ___________ are prefixes that are opposed to the action denoted by the root word.

a. Opposing Prefixes

b. Supportive Prefixes

c. Negative Prefixes

d. Reversative Prefixes

4. The Department of Company Affairs (DCA). In this sentence, the brackets used for writing DCA is:

a. Special Brackets

b. Ordinary Brackets

c. Crescent brackets

d. Square brackets

5. The synonym of fatal is:

a. Skill

b. Deadly

c. Dangerous

d. Spite

Paper 2 : Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning

6. What is a comprehensive document which apart from dealing with the structure of Government makes detailed provisions for the rights of citizens and other persons in a number of entrenched provisions and for the principles to be followed by the State in the governance of the country, labelled as “Directive Principles of State Policy”?

a. Governance Act, 1920

b. Constitution of India

c. Law of Rights Act, 1968

d. Limitation Act, 1963

7. Complete the statement given below:

We, the People of India, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic and to secure to all its citizens: JUSTICE, social, _______________ and political:

a. Financial b. Monetary c. Criminal d. Economic

8. What is the full form of CSR?

a. Corporate Sanction Responsibility

b. Corporate Social Responsibility

c. Corporate Secular Responsibility

d. Company Social Responsibility

9. Given that 9th February, 2024 is Saturday, what will be the day on 1st March in 2024?

a. Thursday

b. Saturday

c. Thursday or Friday

d. Friday or Saturday

10. If Pen is called Bottle, Bottle is called Telephone, Telephone is called Book, what is used for making calls?

a. Telephone

b. Mobile

c. Book

d. Both b and c

Paper 3 : Economic and Business Environment

11. The formula for computation of price elasticity of demand is:

a. Percentage Change in Quantity Demanded / Percentage Change in Price

b. Percentage Change in Price / Percentage Change in Quantity Demanded

c. Percentage Change in Price x Percentage Change in Quantity Demanded

d. Percentage Change in Price + Percentage Change in Quantity Demanded

12. When the proportionate change in demand produces the same change in the price of the product, the demand is referred as _________________.

a. Perfectly elastic demand

b. Perfectly inelastic demand

c. Relatively elastic demand

d. Unitary elastic demand

13. The production of goods for self-consumption should be counted while measuring national income as per which of the following methods?

a. Income Method

b. Product Method

c. Expenditure Method

d. Turnover Method

14. GDP at Factor Cost equals to:

a. Gross National Product – Depreciation

b. Gross Value Added + Depreciation

c. Net Value Added + Depreciation

d. Gross National Product + Depreciation

15. Which of the following is not the components of Union Budget?

a. Cash Budget

b. Revenue Budget

c. Capital Budget

d. Fiscal Policy Statement


Paper 4 : Current Affairs and Quantitative Aptitude

16. RBI has recently announced to impose new restrictions on which of the following payment banks?

a. Airtel Payment Bank

b. Paytm Payment Bank

c. Fino Payment Bank

d. Jio Payment Bank

17. Which among the following airports has recently been given the status of International Airport by the Government of India?

a. Dibrugarh Airport

b. Birsa Munda Airport

c. Surat Airport

d. Jorhat Airport

18. With which of the following organisations, Tata has signed an agreement to set up India's first private helicopter assembly line?

a. Airbus

b. Boeing

c. Lockheed Martin

d. GE Aviation

19. Smt. Draupadi Murmu, President of India inaugurated 'Kaushal Bhawan' recently. This building belongs to which of the following Ministry.

a. Ministry of Textiles

b. Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship

c. Ministry of Commerce and Industry

d. Ministry of Jal Shakti

20. Karpoori Thakur, who will be awarded Bharat Ratna (posthumously) was

the former Chief Minister of which of the following states?

a. Uttar Pradesh

b. Bihar

c. Madhya Pradesh

d. Haryana

21. What is 20 percent of 75 percent of 1,00,000?

a. 20000

b. 15000

c. 12500

d. 10000

22. Look at this series: 0, 5, 30, 155, .... What number should come next?

a. 355

b. 330

c. 780

d. 475

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