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"How to Effectively Prepare for CSEET Revision: MCQs Set 2"

Paper 1 : Business Communication

Sample Questions

  1. A word used to describe or point out, a person, animal, place or thing which the noun names, or to tell the number and quantity, is called a/an ___________.

  1. Adjective

  2. b. Verb

c. Noun

d. Preposition

2. In _______________, we make judgments about what the other person is saying. a. Evaluative listening

b. Biased listening

c. Appreciative listening

d. Empathetic listening

3. Which of the following is a disadvantage of using email communication?

a. Email is fast

b. Email is inexpensive

c. Email is easy to filter

d. Internet connectivity

4. What will be the correct order of the following steps of communication? a. Receive, Transmit, Encode and Develop an Idea

b. Encode, Develop an Idea, Receive and Transmit

c. Develop an Idea, Encode, Transmit and Receive

d. Transmit, Develop an Idea, Receive and Encode

5. Which of the following is not the form of digital communication?

a. Video Conferencing

b. Letter sent through post.

c. Blogs d. Skype


Paper 2 :Legal Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude

6. According to Article 21A of the Constitution of India, the State shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of _________________________.

  1. 8 to 18 years (b) 14 to 24 years

(c) 6 to 14 years (d) 8 to 18 years

7. Which is not a Torts of Personal Safety and Freedom?

(a) Battery

(b) Assault (c) Murder

(d) None of these

8. The law of torts deals with:

(a) Defamation (b) Robbery

(c) Murder

(d) All of the above

9. If 1st September, 2023 is a Friday, which day of week was on 30th January, 2024?

(a) Sunday

(b) Monday (c) Tuesday

(d) Friday

10. In a certain code language ‘BOTTLE’ is written as ‘CPUUMF’, then how will ‘PROFIT’ be written in that language?



11. 512 X 3062 = ?

  1. 1567748

(b) 1567724

(c) 1567744

(d) 1567742

12. 12548 ÷ 2 x 3 = ?

(a) 18282 (b) 18822

(c) 1822 (d) 1882

Paper 3: Economic and Business Environment

13. From the following information, calculate elasticity of demand Original quantity of mangoes demanded= 100 kgs

Original price of mangoes = Rs10/ kg

New quantity of mangoes demanded = 60kgs.

New price of mangoes = Rs20/kg

a. 1.4

b. 0.4

c. 2.0

d. 0.6

14. If the price of a product increases by 30% and the demand for the product decreases only by 10%, then the demand would be called ________.

a. Perfectly Elastic

b. Relatively Inelastic

c. Unitary Elastic

d. Relatively Elastic

15. ____________ account for flows for those transactions where the government is merely acting as a banker.

  1. Public

b. Private

c. Sales

d. Profit & Loss

16. Which of the following banks were not established by British East India Company? a. Bank of Bengal

b. Bank of Bombay c. Bank of Madras

d. Bank of Baroda

17. When a company situated in one country makes an investment in a company situated abroad, it is known as_________.

a. Foreign Portfolio Investment b. Foreign Direct Investment

c. Foreign donation d. Foreign grant

Paper 4 : Current Affairs

18. Who has taken over as the chairman of the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs?

a. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal

b. Vivek Johri

c. Sanjay Sinha

d. SK Mishra

19. Who has been sworn in as the Chief Justice of the Orissa High Court?

  1. Daya Shankar Pandey

b. Subhasis Talapatra

c. Prem Prakash Sinha

d. Deepak Kumar Mishra

20. Which among the following union ministers launched the mobile app ‘ULLAS: New India Literacy Programme’?

  1. Rajnath Singh

b. Amit Shah

c. Smriti Irani

d. Dharmendra Pradhan

21. With which of the following organizations, ‘India AI’has signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote emerging technologies?

  1. Spacex

b. Google

c. Meta

d. Microsoft

22. In which city the G20 Empower Summit is being organized under the chairmanship of India? a. Jaipur

b. New Delhi

c. Guwahati

d. Gandhinagar

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