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Important sections in companies Act -  Cs Executive

3 Formation of Company

4 Memorandum of Association

5 Articles of Association

7 Incorporation of Company

8 Formation of Company with Charitable objects etc.

13 Alteration of Memorandum

14 Alteration of Articles

20 Service of Documents

23 Public offer and Private placement

26 Matters to be stated in Prospectus

31 Shelf Prospectus

32 Red herring Prospectus

42 Offer or Invitation for subscription of Securities on Private placement

43 Kinds of Share capital

46 Certificate of Shares

54 Issue of Sweat equity shares

56 Transfer and transmission of Securities

63 Issue of Bonus shares

73 Prohibition on Acceptance of deposits from Public

77 Duty to register Charges etc

85 Company’s Register of Charges

88 Register of Members etc

92 Annual Return

94 Place of keeping and Inspection of registers, Returns etc

96 Annual general Meeting

100 Calling of extraordinary general meeting

101 Notice of meeting

102 Statement to be annexed to Notice

103 Quorum for Meetings

105 Proxies

110 Postal Ballot

114 Ordinary and Special Resolution

118 Minutes of Proceedings of general meeting, Meeting of Board of Directors and Other meeting and resolutions passed by Postal Ballot

123 Declaration of Dividend

128 Books of account etc to be kept by Company

129 Financial statement

134 Financial Statement, Board’s report etc

135 Corporate Social Responsibility

138 Internal Audit

139 Appointment of Auditors

149 Company to have Board of Directors

161 Appointment of Additional Director, Nominee Director and Alternate Director

164 Disqualifications for appointment of Directors

167 Vacation of office of Director

174 Quorum for meetings of board

173 Meetings of Board

179 Powers of Board

180 Restrictions on Powers of Board

188 Related Party transactions

184 Disclosure of interest by Director

196 Appointment of Managing director, Whole-Time director or manager

203 Appointment of Key managerial personnel

204 Secretarial Audit for bigger companies

205 Functions of Company Secretaries

206 Power to call for information, inspect books and conduct enquiries

399 Inspection, Production and evidence of documents kept by Registrar

403 Fee for filing etc

447 Punishment for fraud

455 Dormant Company

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