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"Mastering CSEET: A Comprehensive Guide to All Topic MCQs Set 1 Revision"

Paper 1 : Business Communication

1. Which of the following is not a tip for choosing a right word?

a. Simplicity

b. Use of familiar words

c. Choose short words

d. Use of gender biased words

2. _________ are prefixes that support or are for the root word.

a. Opposing Prefixes

b. Supportive Prefixes

c. Negative Prefixes

d. Reversative Prefixes

3. _________ is highly centralized type of communication network where each subordinate receives commands or instructions from a single authority.

a. Vertical network

b. Circuit network

c. Wheel network

d. Chain network

4. A planned reduction in the number of employees needed in a firm in order to reduce costs and make the business more efficient is called___________.

a. Downsizing

b. Recruiting

c. Transfers

d. Deputation

5. It is useful to provide ______________ in longer letters. This helps the reader find out in the first instance what the contents of the letter are.

a. Enclosures

b. Complementary close

c. Main body

d. Subject heading

6. Which of the given is a type of Judicial remedy?

a. Self Defence

b. Re-entry of Land

c. Injunction

d. Prevention of trespass

7. ________________ is called a body corporate because the persons composing it are made into one body by incorporating it according to the law and clothing it with legal personality?

a. A Partnership Firm

b. A Company


d. None of these

8. The supreme executive authority controlling the management and affairs of a company vests in which of the given authority:

a. Managing Director

b. Whole-time Director

c. Board of Directors

d. Chief Executive Officer

9. Find the odd number/letter from the given alternatives





10. Choose the word which is not similar to the other words in the group.

a. Dashboard

b. Dock

c. Fender

d. Bonnet

Paper 3 : Economic and Business Environment

11. The Law of Demand governs the relationship between the ___________ and the ______________.

a. Desire and Price

b. Desire and Ability

c. Quantity demanded and Desire

d. Quantity demanded and Price

12. Ease of Doing Business Report is prepared by which of the following organisation?

a. United Nations Organisation (UNO)

b. New Development Bank

c. World Bank

d. Asian Development Bank

13. When a small change in the price of a product causes a major change in its demand, it is said to be__________.

a. Relatively Inelastic Demand

b. Relatively Elastic Demand

c. Perfectly Inelastic Demand

d. Perfectly Elastic Demand

14. Problem of double counting may arise in which of the following methods of measuring national income?

a. Income Method

b. Expenditure Method

c. Product Method

d. Sales Method

15. Gifts, donations and scholarships are____________.

  1. Factor Payments

  2.  Explicit Payments

  3. Implicit Payments

  4. Transfer Payments


Paper 4 : Current Affairs

16. With which of the following countries, India has started bilateral trade in rupees?

a. Bhutan

b. Sri Lanka

c. Nepal

d. Bangladesh

17. Which of the following countries has honored with its highest award 'Grand

Cross of the Legion of Honour' to Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

a. Germany

b. France

c. Australia d. Brazil

18. Number of judges in the Supreme Court has been increased to 32 after two

judges took oath recently. Who among the following took oath as Supreme Court judge along with Justice Ujjwal Bhuiyan?

a. Rajesh Kumar

b. PK Sinha

c. S V Bhatti

d. Ajay Kumar

19. The23rdsummitoftheShanghaiCooperationOrganisationwasheldonJuly04, 2023. Who was the chair of the summit this year?

a. India

b. Pakistan

c. China d. Russia

20. Where is the 'Startup 20 Shikhar' summit being organized under the G20 chairmanship of India?

a. Jaipur

b. Patna

c. Varanasi

d. Gurugram

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