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Noun - detailed with MCQ

A noun is a part of speech that refers to a person, place, thing, idea, or concept. Nouns serve as the subject or object in a sentence, providing the essential building blocks for communication.

Examples of Nouns:

  1. Person: teacher, friend, doctor, engineer

  2. Place: Paris, school, park, theatre

  3. Thing: book, car, computer

  4. Idea/Concept: love, freedom, justice, passion

Nouns can be further categorised into proper nouns and common nouns. Proper nouns refer to specific, individual entities and are capitalized, while common nouns are more general.


  • Proper Noun: Lakshmi is reading a book.

  • Common Noun: The girl is reading a book.

10 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on Nouns:

1. What is a noun?

  • A. A describing word

  • B. An action word

  • C. A person, place, thing, or idea

  • D. A dividing word

Answer: C

2. Identify the noun in the sentence: "The sun sets over the horizon."

  • A. sun

  • B. sets

  • C. Horizon

Answer: A

3. Which is a proper noun?

  • A. town

  • B. river

  • C. London

  • D. cow

Answer: C

4. In the sentence "The cheerful children played in the sound," what is the noun.

  • A. cheerful

  • B. children

  • C. played

  • D. park

Answer: B

5. Choose the common noun in the following: "I love to eat fresh fruits."

  • A. love

  • B. fresh

  • C. eat

  • D. fruits

Answer: D

6. What type of noun is 'happiness'?

  • A. Proper noun

  • B. Common noun

  • C. Abstract noun

  • D. Concrete noun

Answer: C

7. Which option contains a collective noun?

  • A. mountain

  • B. flock

  • C. honesty

  • D. fire

Answer: B

8. Identify the abstract noun in the sentence: "The wisdom of the ancient philosophers remains relevant today."

  • A. ancient

  • B. philosophers

  • C. wisdom

  • D. today

Answer: C

9. What is the plural form of 'child'?

  • A. childs

  • B. childen

  • C. children

  • D. child's

Answer: C

10. Which of the following is a common gender noun?

  • A. actor

  • B. actress

  • C. waiter

  • D. waitress

Answer: A

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